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Are you Purchasing a Home or Updating your Existing Home in Washington or Oregon?

The best options for home improvement benefits are to leverage a Heroes NW lending partner to customize a specialty loan that is unique to your situation. Your Lending Partner will apply Heroes credit towards the cost of doing your loan.

Purchasing a Home – There are several specialty mortgage options that allow you to build in anywhere from $2,000. to $250,000. into the mortgage on your purchase. These funds can be used for anything from landscaping, new energy efficient heating and cooling appliances, additions, ADA enhancement’s, a new kitchen and more…

These programs involve agencies such as, The VA, HUD, FHA, Private Mortgage Lenders, and Credit unions.

Updating your existing Home – These options are similar to the purchase options, but will take into consideration the current value of your home. The same agencies are involved and depending on what programs you qualify for.

Complete the form below and we will get you connected with your local Northwest lending partner, they will customize your options and give you details on credits being given.