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In Need of a Grant or Donation in Washington or Oregon?

Since you were willing to serve, others are willing to help you buy a home. Grants and donations can come from a variety of places. Some are state or federally funded and others are from charities and private parties.

The Heroes Northwest Program actually offers a unique grant/donation that comes from a private party. Our real estate agent partners have commited to donate a portion of their commissions to either you the hero or a charity of your choosing.

This donation is completely voluntary and is based on the purchase price of the home. Each Heroes partner has a unique percentage given, thats depending on the geographical location of the home you are buying. Some states do not allow direct funds to be given at closing. So please ask your Heroes partner for regulatory information.

Other grant programs will be offered based on availability of funds and the county that you are purchasing.

Complete the form below to have our team get you specific information on what funds are available in your area.