Frequently Asked Questions

Who is considered a Hero? — Where Heroes Northwest differs from other programs; is that we accept all positions that work within a hero category. HNW is here to serve every level of employee at a school, hospital, state agency, etc.

Service to others is only successful by the sum of it’s parts; from the custodian at a school to the receptionist at a local hospital. Teachers and nurses could not perform their jobs, without everyone contributing. If you receive a paycheck , retirement check or volunteer certificate; from a qualified employer. You can qualify for the Heroes NW Program.

Is HNW a discount program? — The simple answer is NO.

Our partners have made a commitment to truly give back to each hero they serve. That being said, some industries have regulations that require benefits be listed as a discount. Depending on a partners industry, employer, or location; to be compliant and participate in HNW, the local partner has set up each benefit with their company’s approval.

Taking real dollars from paychecks, budgets, or profits and re-allocating these funds directly back to our heroes.

Does HNW receive any funds from a hero transaction? — Heroes Northwest does not accept funds from our heroes and no monies are collected from any transaction closed by our partners.

How does HNW run a business without collecting money? — Currently our local partners share costs of the program. Almost every HNW partner has NEVER had to contribute any funds to assist the HNW program itself. Allowing each partner to focus on giving all available funds directly to the heroes they serve.

HNW does seek out strategic partnerships at a corporate level; to bring the HNW program to more communities in the Northwest.

Is HNW a 501c3 “Non-Profit” — The HNW team believes there are enough local non-profit organizations to promote in each community. Heroes Northwest is a business that promotes or partners with other non-profits and does not accept donations on any organizations behalf. Privately funding our program allows HNW to focus on educating heroes on accessing benefits provided by our partners.