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Need Down Payment Assistance in Washington or Oregon?

These options can come in the form of grant, bond, gift, or donation.

Depending on your geographical location, these programs are a great way to either buy your first home or leverage your service work to get some extra funds for buying a home.

Each lender that helps you utilize these programs has had to either be certified by the state program or b the entity providing the funds. For some of these programs, you may be required to take a class to be eligible for the funds. Most are free and some can be done online. Ask your Heroes Partner.

Down Payment funds can range from 1%-5% of the purchase price. Getting $10,000.00 from a State agency sounds like there might be a lot of hurdles to jump through, but your partner will be there to guide you.

Income Restrictions: Some programs do have income restrictions, these can be either based on median household income for the county or state.

Other restrictions: may include specific areas of a city or the state.

You can request links to state websites that show income restrictions, max assistance per person, etc.

Complete the form below and we will connect you with the lender that has access to these programs and can provide you with all of the information on requirements.