About Heroes Northwest

Heroes Northwest was founded in 2011 by a group of Veterans, Prior Law Enforcement and Past Healthcare professionals, that now work in various civilian industries.

Heroes NW set out to help local heroes and their families; through several fundraising events and community participation. The Heroes NW team has raised thousands of dollars to assist programs like the Wounded Warrior Project and other local programs.

The mission of helping local Northwest heroes continues to be a crucial part of the Heroes NW goals. Each program partner has either a personal background in one of the service fields or close family ties to other local heroes. Alongside the mission of helping local heroes with basic needs, homeownership and financial freedom have been a crucial part of Heroes Northwest mission.

Utilizing local relationships, Heroes NW has created strategic partnerships to leverage all available options for our Heroes to benefit from grants, donations, gifts, state bonds, down payment assistance, discounts and many more public and private resources. Serving those who serve others.

Giving back to those who so selflessly serve others

The Heroes NW “HNW” program was created in 2011 by a group of professionals who had either personally served in a hero related field or had close ties to a local hero. With the goal of giving back to local heroes, the HNW program was born.

Every HNW partner makes a commitment to give back to each hero they serve in the community. Leveraging each partner’s unique profession to assist heroes with “HOME” related services they use. The HNW Team focuses on “HOME” Being that most everyday expenses revolve around where we live. Homeownership is one of the main areas that the HNW partners have expertise and the ability to give back.

Each partner personally donates directly back to the hero using the program or if the hero prefers, a local charity. The Heroes NW team has also created direct relationships with Federal, State, and local programs to add benefits for heroes in the northwest.

The HNW program is 100% voluntary and every partner gives back from their own business. Depending on the “Home” related service that each hero needs, often thousands of dollars are being donated, credited, granted or discounted to each hero.
Heroes Northwest, also partners with local charitable organizations to help the community; combining everyday professionals with community driven support in mind.